FLOMAX (tamsulosin) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

FLOMAX (tamsulosin) Coupons, Discounts & Cost
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Flomax (tamsulosin) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

Flomax (tamsulosin) is a drug for the symptomatic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. One way to save money on the Flomax (tamsulosin) retail cost regardless of income and insurance status is to use Flomax coupons or discount cards from RXCoupons. Use our Tamsulosin coupons at your online pharmacy and receive up to 75% off the sale price each time you refill your prescription.

Learn about Flomax (tamsulosin)

Flomax (tamsulosin) is a drug for the symptomatic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Tamsulosin blocks postsynaptic alpha-adrenergic receptors located at the bladder neck, prostatic smooth muscle cells and prostatic urethra. The drug improves urine flow, reduces irritation and eliminates symptoms of urinary tract obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is used to treat certain disorders in benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Tamsulosin is rapidly absorbed in the intestine. The rate of absorption can be slightly reduced if taking tamsulosin on an empty stomach. Peak plasma levels are determined approximately 6 hours after a single dose of tamsulosin.

Tamsulosin levels vary in different patients (both after a single administration, and after multiple doses). This agent does not cause any clinically significant reduction in blood pressure in patients with hypertension, as well as in patients with normal blood pressure.

Tamsulosin is metabolized in the liver.

Learn about contraindications for Flomax (tamsulosin)

When Flomax is contraindicated: renal and hepatic insufficiency, hypersensitivity to tamsulosin (including angioedema due to drug intake), children up to 18 years.

Use carefully in patients with orthostatic hypotension.

The drug is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation:

How to use Flomax (tamsulosin) – dosing and administration

Flomax (tamsulosin) should be taken 1 time per day after breakfast. You can safely take a dose of 0.4 mg (for adults over 18 years). The tablet should be swallowed whole, without breaking or chewing. The doses usually do not need to be adjusted in renal failure, as well as mild to moderate hepatic impairment. After taking the first dose, take other doses regularly (every day at the same time).

The highest daily dose: 0.4 mg.
The highest single dose: 0.4 mg.

How to recognize Flomax (tamsulosin) side effects

Central and peripheral nervous system: asthenia, headache, dizziness, syncope, sleep disorders.
Cardiovascular system: orthostatic hypotension, tachycardia, cardialgia.
Digestive system: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.
Musculoskeletal system: back pain.
Dermatological reactions: rash.
Reproductive system: priapism, retrograde ejaculation.
Allergic reactions: rhinitis.
Other disorders: visual disturbances.
Flomax overdose may cause acute hypotension, vomiting and diarrhea.

Flomax (tamsulosin) interactions

Cimetidine increases the concentration of tamsulosin in plasma.
Furosemide reduces the concentration of tamsulosin in plasma.
Warfarin and diclofenac may increase the drug’s elimination rate.
Diazepam, propranolol, glibenclamide, simvastatin, salbutamol and finasteride do not interact with tamsulosin.
Strong CYP3A4 inhibitors (ketoconazole) may slow the metabolism and increase the concentration of tamsulosin.
Other drugs of the same group may increase the risk of hypotension.

Flomax (tamsulosin) precautionary measures

Before starting therapy with tamsulosin, patients should undergo a detailed examination to exclude malignancy of the prostate gland. The patient should undergo an examination to exclude the presence of other diseases, which may be accompanied by symptoms similar to the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Tamsulosin may reduce blood pressure (accompanied by loss of consciousness in rare cases).

Patients with severely impaired renal function should use this drug with caution.

In case of angioedema, the drug should be discontinued immediately.

Patients who are planning cataract surgery should not start treatment with tamsulosin.

It is not recommended to drive during treatment.

Flomax (tamsulosin) storage conditions

Flomax should be stored in the dark and dry place, at a temperature no higher than 25° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

FLOMAX (tamsulosin) Coupons, Discounts & Cost
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