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Genpills.to is an online pharmacy that claims to be much more than just a regular health store that you can find online. Although the online pharmacy seem to be relatively new since it has been established in 2014, Gen Pills is delivering, as the website claims, real and best brand name as well as generic medications that you can find at the local pharmacy but at better and affordable prices. They claim that all their drugs are being manufactured by the best pharmaceutical companies. They claim to offer medications world wide to everyone who needs to get some pharmaceutical products and the website implies that you can get the best medical products here at the best prices online. The domain location of the site is believed to be in United Kingdom – London. The website is being accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB.org) and that’s a really good sign. The website itself seem to be really well made, it is easy to understand, easy to browse and it works fast (unlike other online pharmacies I’ve browsed). The first few minutes browsing the genpills.co give the impression of a really good online pharmacy, whether is that true I’m about to find out.

Drug selection

Among all drugs that you can find here you can find both generic and brand name drugs and their products found in the drugstore is being categorized by health condition and there seem to be a very big list. A few of those categories include: weight loss, anti anxiety, pain relief, smoking cessation, ADHD, Detox, women and men health and many many others. Their drug selection seem to be very big with a lot of drugs for any known human condition. I doubt that there exists an online pharmacy (or any pharmacy in this world) which has absolutely all drugs known that exists on the Earth, but it does seems that GenPills.co has a very big variety of drugs so regardless of your health condition you stand good chances to find your drug of choice here. With each medication there’s Product Info where you can see: uses, how to take, side effects, precautions, drug interactions, missed dose and storage. That’s very good because you can find nearly everything you need to know about the drug you are about to purchase right there. As usual, I am checking for ED medications and they seem to have a lot of them. This online pharmacy seem to carry lots of ED meds including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra both in generic and brand name (only by writing in search box term *Viagra* I was given 33 products). They even have female Viagra and a lot of others such as testosterone etc. etc. I would say that their drug selection doesn’t miss absolutely anything. They even have ED trial packs which saves you some money. Talking about money:

Drug prices

I’ve expected that an online pharmacy that has been established in 2014 doesn’t have much of experience in pharmacy business, and being in lust for money they should have big prices. I was wrong. I was really attracted by their very good prices because Viagra brand goes for 6.30 USD per pill and their Viagra generic goes for 0.79 USD per pill the lowest prices. I was expecting to see much bigger prices, but these are some amazing prices for Viagra. Went forward searching for Levitra prices. The lowest price for brand Levitra is 5.50 USD that you can find on genpills.co and for generic that’s 1.40 USD. Although these aren’t the lowest prices that you can find on the market, they are surely among the best prices. The prices, at least for ED medications, are really attractive and I truly loved them.

Does genpills.co requires a prescription?

One of those reasons why genpills.co, in my opinion, became so fast popular even though it is newer compared to other pharmacy sites I’ve reviewed, is because it has indeed low prices, big variety of drugs and doesn’t require a prescription for them. All drugs that are listed on the website you can order without a problem and this saves you a lot of hassle and money that you would need to have for getting a prescription.

Customer support

You’re able to contact them by submitting a form and talk with them by email or by calling the following phone number in case you want to get a response faster for any of your questions: +1 – 904 – 306 – 7073. Although there’s no live chat function, having a phone call listed means that it is easy to get in touch with the pharmacy.

Payment options

Genpills.co offers 3 payment options: as usual by Visa or by MasterCard by inserting your card details or also by echeck and the pharmacy encourages echeck payments because they offer 10% discount for all echeck payment. Having a combination of payment methods of Visa, Master card and echeck that means it enough payment options for an online pharmacy.

Shipping details for genpills.to

This online pharmacy seem to be perfect in terms of shipping. Besides the fact that it ships worldwide (they would ship any drugs found in their drugs store in any given country), they are having a free shipping policy regardless of your country or how big or small your order is. That means that the registered mail (INTL) that has a delivery time of 14 to 22 business days is for free to absolutely everyone. In addition to that, they have another shipping option which would add to your order 25 USD, that’s EMS (INTL) which comes to you in 7 – 15 business days. Regardless of which shipping option you choose, you can add shipping insurance for 6 USD (they recommend for international orders) because in this way you are guaranteed to get your money back or reshipment in case you don’t get the order in 90 days regardless of the reason.

Discounts and coupons

They have discounts for bigger orders. The more pills you’re ordering the more the discount is. They are having trial packs which is another way to save you some money. Genpills.co is also having free shipping to absolutely everyone and that’s amazing. and plus to that, they are also having coupons codes either which you can apply upon checking out and that’s going to offer you another discount. And lastly, there’s a discount for everyone who want to pay with echeck option. And lastly, the prices themselves are low. That’s simply amazing to be honest, a lot of thing are being offered by this online pharmacy.

Is genpills.to legit or scam?

As I’m usually saying, there’s always a risk that any online pharmacy might be good today but then it might be a scam tomorrow. But since we’re talking about today – genpills.co is legit and there are no signs that it could scam you around, or then again, at least today. That’s a very good online pharmacy which I doubt it would scam you around and the reason I say that is because I checked customer reviews.

GenPills.to reviews?

There’s a customer named Nick who said that this is the best pharmacy that he has ever tried out with low prices, good selection and acceptance of major credit cards. He said that he would recommend this pharmacy to everyone. Another reviewer said that this is his favorite source for the last 2 years and in all this time he said that he used them without absolutely no problems. He said that he orders overseas and the *biggest* problem he had was only a bit of delay (which is often not the pharmacy’s fault). There are also some testimonials on the website itself, but I’ve learned not to actually believe the customer reviews found on the pharmacy itself. The reviews I just shared are from external sites. So I wouldn’t judge a site so high without real people saying good things about it.

What’s the conclusion?

Genpills.co is an online pharmacy that has a friendly user interface and it is very easy to understand and use with a very high website speed. It has a lot of discounts, special offers and coupons with already low prices. Has a lot of drug variety and it seem to have enough ways to pay in case you decide to have business with this pharmacy. They ship freely all over the world and all of this made them have very good customer reviews. So, taking all of those factors in consideration I would say that genpills.co is 5 out of 5 stars rate which means that I would recommend to everybody this online pharmacy!

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