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Pharm.to is such a familiar site to me that I knew for sure I met it somewhere else. Anyhow, I still went forward into writing a review and the first thing that I noticed is that this online pharmacy claims to be the #1 drugstore and claims to be like that since 1997 meaning that they are on the market for 20 years which therefore means that it is one of the longest pharmacy on the market. The pharmacy is located in Canada and they promise that all their drugs are manufactured only by companies that are 100% under the regulations of FDA.

What’s the drug selection?

The drugs are being categorized, as most of the pharmacy drugstores, by health condition. And even though I don’t know what’s the total number of drugs that you can find on Pharm.to site they do seem to be quite a lot in my opinion, or at least they seem to have enough drugs there. One thing that I noticed is that this online pharmacy is mostly advertising ED medications like for example Cialis, Viagra and Levitra and other types of medications that are treating ED. By using their search box you stand good chances finding the drug of your choice or at least an alternative for that drug. All the drugs here, claimable, are FDA approved and they are of the best quality.

What are the drug prices?

As usual I won’t be talking about other drug prices since I am not familiar with them, however I’m familiar with ED drug prices and the lowest price that you can get, for example, generic version of Viagra it is 0.27 USD per pill and that’s the lowest price I’ve seen on any other online pharmacy. You can get generic Viagra for as low as 0.27 USD if you purchase 360 pills x 25 mg. The lowest price for brand Viagra by Pfizer is 2.56 USD on this online pharmacy and this is a price that is lower than other pharmacies prices for generic Viagra. Compared to other online pharmacies – brand Viagra has an extremely low price because I’ve seen places where you get a pill of brand Viagra for 30 USD. Compared to 2.56 USD that’s more than 10 times more expensive. Judging only by the prices, Pharm.to is EXTREMELY cheap.

Pharm.to Prescription requirements

Pharm.to does not require a prescription and this can save you some extra money that you need to pay a doctor for getting one. However, the pharmacy still recommends to consult a health care provider before purchasing a medicine because they warn about contra indications or diseases that a medication might not be compatible with. So order at your own risk.

Pharm.to Shipping methods?

As usual, like most of other online pharmacies: 2 options: airmail which is standard waiting period that lasts anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks and then there’s the second option which is EMS courier delivery that is faster – 3 to 8 business days which is considerably faster. But you also need to pay more: 20 USD for the EMS and 10 USD for regular airmail shipping. The shipping fees are really good IMO. Usually EMS comes with a tracking and regular does not have tracking. They are shipping world wide to all countries. They have an offer of free regular airmail shipping for all orders that are above 200 USD. For 4.95 USD (seemingly regardless of how big your order is) you can add insurance to your order.

Pharm.to Payment methods?

Sadly but other payment options than VISA and Master Card are not available. At least at the moment. Customers can’t choose from more than either VISA or Master Card. I know that usually customers favorite way of paying is via VISA or Master Card, but other payment options would be welcome. Good for me that I have a VISA card myself.

What about the customer support service?

On the website is listed 2 phone numbers that you can call and ask them questions in case you do have some: +1 - 718- 487- 9792 and +4420- 323- 9- 7092. You’re also able to write them a form by email which they are going to respond, as they promise, as soon as possible. The only language you can talk with their customer support service is English. Unfortunately there is no live chat function. That’s not a big problem but I still miss it.

Do Pharm.to has some discounts, special promotions or maybe coupon codes?

Besides the fact that they have the lowest prices I’ve ever seen, they do have all of them and this is another big plus for this pharmacy. Like for example, the bigger the order the bigger the discount. They offer cheaper pills for larger quantities of pills. Plus to that, as mentioned earlier, they are having free shipping for all the orders that are more than $ 200. They are also offering ED sample packs which can make you save some money too. Plus they are offering free bonus pills. You can choose between Viagra 100 mg x 2 pills, Cialis 20 mg x 2 pills or Levitra 20 mg x 2 pills. And besides all of that, they do have coupon codes too like Cialis coupon, Viagra coupon, Levitra Coupon which you can apply in order to get a bonus discount. An online pharmacy that offers so much is worth paying attention to.

What about customer’s feedback? Pharm.to Reviews

This, as I said earlier, is an online pharmacy that you can reach under multiple domain addresses. Therefore this is a very popular online pharmacy and I have big doubts that an online pharmacy that is popular can be fake or scam. The lots of customer reviews I found suggested that this is an extremely good online pharmacy, pretty much as I thought about it. there were a few negative reviews, but it is extremely easy to notice that most of them are positive, in fact, not most but nearly all. lots of people said they had best experience with this Pharm.to in terms of shipping, prices, quality of medications etc.

Is Pharm.to Legit or scam?

As I said earlier, I am sure that this is not a scam. Pharm.to is all legit.


Pharmacies that are popular means that they are reliable and pharmacies that have low prices are the best. Such a popular pharmacy as this one with the lowest prices makes it be among the best online pharmacies that I have ever met and that’s why I recommend shopping from this online pharmacy and without any doubts I think that this is a 5 out of 5 pharmacy for sure!

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